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Green Spring Valley Hounds & Hunt Club

The Green Spring Valley territory consists of about 35 miles square in Baltimore County and all of Carroll County. The home country and north country are open and rolling with great deal of grass. Some sections lying in between are rough and heavily wooded. Post-rail, coops, and board fences predominate. The east side of the country adjoins Elkridge-Harford Hunt; on the west and northwest side of the country adjoins Howard County Iron-Bridge Hunt and the Frederick county line.

Hunter Trials 2017 Results

The results from the 2017 GSVH Trials

A great big thank you to all of the people who volunteered at - and participated in-- the Hunter Trials on Sunday. Especially the dear souls who spent all day freezing in the wind to make it all work.  And it did!
Special shout out to the hardy judges, the intrepid photographers, the last minute food donors, Tim Clark for the sound system, scorecard runners, and score totalers. Not to be forgotten are the grooms and horse holders, the in-gate wrangler and the entry booth manners.

Finally, a very special thank you to all the Masters and Staff for the beautiful new fences, and the lovely courses.

See you all next year!
Read more for the results.


2017 GSVH Hunter Trial Results

Course “A”

Class 1. Open Pairs and Teams

  1. Tommy Fenwick**/Modernly Millie, Amy Fenwick/B’ware of the Dark
  2. Rachel Westerlund/Joanie, Phin Westerlund**/Moo Moo
  3. Daisy Fenwick**/Incisive Strike, Skylar McKenna**/Coastal Moon, Wilcox/Out Playing
  4. Skylar McKenna**/Coastal Moon, Wilcox/Out Playing
  5. Ashton Williams/Colonel Carrillo, Belt/Ace of Spades
  6. Casey Pinkard/Floyd, Abby Murphy**/Magnitude

Class 2. Junior Hunter 

  1. Daisy Fenwick**/Incisive Strike
  2. (tie) Tommy Fenwick**/Modernly Millie Skylar McKenna**/Coastal Moon
  3. (tie) Abby Murphy**/Flaming Arrow Elizabeth Scully*/Girls Rule the World
  4. Tommy Fenwick**/Decoy Daddy
  5. (tie) Phin Westerlund**/Moo Moo Fenwick*/Longlasting
  6. Wilcox/Out Playing

Class 3. Open Hunter 

  1. Ashton Williams/Colonel Carrillo
  2. Ashton Williams/Pocket Talk
  3. Alma Nicholson**/The Gold Identity
  4. (tie) Elizabeth Scully*/Girls Rule the World Adair Stifel/Enchanted Circle
  5. (tie) Skylar McKenna**/Coastal Moon Abby Murphy**/Alecto
  6. Tommy Fenwick**/Decoy Daddy

Course “B”

Class 4. Pairs and Teams

  1. Abby Murphy**Flaming Arrow, A. Shard/Big Star Bound
  2. Daisy Fenwick**/Incisive Strike, Tommy Fenwick**/Modernly Millie
  3. Mark Beecher/So Outspoken, Kieran Norris/Carnival Carl
  4. Mark Beecher/Don’t Make Me Cry, Rebecca Waters/El Jefe Grand
  5. Daisy Fenwick**/Hooded, Rebecca Waters/El Jefe Grand
  6. Stephanie Dowling/Fort Henry, Sarah Miller/Tully

Class 5. Open Hunter

  1. Abby Murphy**Flaming Arrow
  2. Daisy Fenwick**/Incisive Strike
  3. Elizabeth Scully*/Girls Rule the World
  4. Erika Taylor/Weekend in Paris
  5. Mackenzie Taylor/Rita
  6. Whit Foster/Swag

Course “C”

Class 6. Field Hunter

  1. Mark Beecher/Daddy in the Dark
  2. James Stierhoff/Twill Do
  3. Mark Beecher/So Outspoken
  4. Sara Katz/Rebel
  5. Elizabeth Scully*/Girls Rule the World
  6. Mike Wharton/Knocked Out

Class 7. Field Master’s Chase

  1. Mackenzie Taylor/Rita
  2. Tommy Fenwick **/Modernly Millie
  3. Daisy Fenwick**/Longlasting
  4. Abby Murphy**/Magnitude
  5. Sarah Miller/Tully 

Class 8. Gary Black Stakes

  1. James Steirhoff/Twill Do
  2. Amy Fenwick/B’wareofthe Dark
  3. Mike Wharton/Knocked Out
  4. Abby Murphy**/Alecto
  5. Shockey Gillet/Thunder
  6. Tommy Fenwick**/Modernly Millie

*Denotes Junior rider

** Denotes Rising Horseman

Please click here to see Carol Fenwicks Facebook Album for photos.


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