SUNDAY APRIL 8th 9 AM until 1 PM Timed 

Maps are available in the Club Tack Room and the Maryland Saddlery from Wednesday, April 4th until Sunday, April 8th

If you are a Member of the Green Spring Valley Hounds you can log in under Member Login and see the Hunter Pace Map 2018 starting Wednesday, April 4th at 2pm.
*You will most likely need to re-sign up for a membership and will then get an email as soon as you are approved, then you can log back in and see the maps.

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Carol Fenwick Photos



We had a huge turn out of intrepid horses and riders on a sunny day with a persistent icy wind at Dellcrest Farm!

A heartfelt thank you goes to our generous landowners who allowed us to create a beautiful new course over their farms and some new fences. And a big thank you to our volunteers for braving the cold and keeping it all going!

Congratulations to our winners:

Big Course Fast Time 
1st- James Stierhoff and Bennett Barclay
2nd- Suzanne Stettinius and Jazz Napravnik 

Big Course Optimum Time
1st- Shockey Gillet, Whit Foster and Ned Halle

2nd- Katie Marquette and Mimi Schmitz
3rd- Marjorie Warden and Cappy Jackson
4th-Barbie and Katie Horneffer
5th-Shockey Gillet, Mike Wharton and Whit Foster
6th-Mark Beecher and Tara Elmore

Low Course Optimum Time Junior
1st- Laura Roberts and Alma Nicholson
2nd- Tommy Fenwick and Teddy Davies
3rd- Liam Driscoll and Peyton Snider

Low Course Optimum
1st-  Abby Michel and Anna DiGennaro
2nd- Rachel, Hal and Phin Westerlund and MacKenzie Pfeiffer
3rd- Danielle and JD Oster and Mike Hankin 
4th- Lucy Goelet and Liz Sheehan
5th- Patrick Gallagher, Lauren Mentzel, Colin Smith and Mimi Schmitz
6th- Shockey Gillet and Amie Ballantine

Hilltop/Flat Course 
1st- Suzanne Stettinius, Jazz Napravnik, Cindy Faherty, and Heidi Herzog
2nd-Sarah and Jack Leannarda
3rd- Emma Foster, Molly Amick, Budget Naughton, Jenn Jensen and Bristol Markward
4th- Leigh Rayburn, Cecelia DuBose, Sarah Lime, Anna Goodurn and Lindsay Dunning 
5th- Stephanie LePree and Ellen Kolomysteva, Jamison Choie and Ellie Burton
6th-Christi Fondnazio and Jenna Isennock
Thank you all for participating and supporting the Green Spring Hounds!

FLAT COURSE – Open to all riders. Jumps are optional. 

OPTIMUM TIME LOW FENCE COURSE – Open to all riders. Modified course with inviting fences approximately 2’6” – 2’8”. All fences are to be jumped. 

A junior trophy will be awarded to the top Junior Team. 

OPTIMUM TIME BIG FENCE COURSE – Open to all riders. The flagged course will be 3 to 4 miles over hunting fences approximately 3’3” – 3’6” in height. 

FAST COURSE – Fast time over the Big Fence Course 

Ribbons and trophies will be awarded for each class on Sunday. 

Proper hunting attire is required. 

The times for each division have been previously ridden and calculated. 

Hunter Pace Address: 

Dellcrest Enter from Black Rock Road 

3801 Millender Mill Road Upperco, MD 21155 *** 

***A special thank you to Anette and Philip Goelet for letting us use their new eastern access for this event! 

Each team must declare on their entry form in which division(s) they will be riding. Course maps will be available in the GSVH club tack room and the Maryland Saddlery by Wednesday April 4th. Entry and schooling fee $25.00 per horse. 

There will be no schooling over the course. This course is provided through the kindness of the landowners, please don’t abuse their generosity. 

For information contact: Ellen Macks 410-371-8180, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.