GSVH Juniors & Rising Horsemen Newsletter April 2018


GSVH Juniors & Rising Horsemen Newsletter
 April 2018
CarolFenwishGrandNational2018 Yet Another busy weekend for our junior riders with action on Saturday and Sunday-
Saturday marked the 116th running of the Grand National Steeplechase.  The Grand National is the only sanctioned race meet to host junior events. Theo Shushko (RH) won the large pony division on  Betty McCue's  Bailey and Tommy Fenwick was 2nd on his own fox hunter -Modernly Millie. Abby Murphy won the medium division on Roger That trained-by Mimi Schmitz and Teddy Davies (RH)
was a good second on Betty McCue's Count Chocula. Scarlet Davies (RH) was a competitive second on Hickory in the small Pony division. The JFM horse division had a few issues but the final result was: 
1 It's Nothing     Skylar McKenna Move Up Stable & Sally Reed Katherine Neilson  
2 Molten Man     Colin Smith (RH) Mimi Schmitz / Gerry Brewster Mimi Schmitz  
3 The Gold Identity     Alma Nicholson(RH) Alma Nicholson Kerry Morton  
DQ Rocky's Affair     Theo Sushko(RH) Theo Sushko Betty McCue  
LR Ben     Austin Tamberino Mimi Schmitz Mimi Schmitz  
PU Galon Hapus     Samantha English Lauren Schock Lauren Schock  
PU Decoy Daddy (Ire)     Tommy Fenwick(RH) Irvin S. Naylor Amy Fenwick  
PU Catch The Echo     Chloe Hannum Emily J. Hannum Chloe Hannum  
PU Guts For Garters (Ire)     Parker Hendriks(RH) Stewart Strawbridge Sanna P. Neilson
 On  Sunday, Abby Murphy finished 3rd at Blue Ridge in the final Young Rider Restricted Flat race series and won the participation title - Charles Owens helmet as the prize - Theo Shushko finished 4th in the same 6 horse field.
The Rising Horsemen will have their 8th annual school over  the Grand National course this week weather permitting - spectators are welcome. 
The Junior Hunt Cup runs on Sunday and the card is full - come out and support the juniors  

March 2018 

Green Spring is blessed with an enthusiastic group of juniors, parents, and landowners. The spring is chocked full of events, and the Junior Committee wants the general membership to be aware of the Rising Horsemen's activity.

RisingHorsemen031118 02
Riding with an Aintree Winning Jockey
This past Monday, Peter and Amy Fenwick hosted the Rising Horsemen for a school over hurdles with 2017 Aintree Grand National winning rider Derek Fox. A treat for all ages. After the schooling session, Derek spoke to the group about the campaign leading up to his win on One for Arthur. This was a terrific opportunity to learn and dream. The attached link provides a good overview of the difficulties Derek faced just 30 days before the prestigious race:
Old Fashioned Showcases the Next Generation
On Tuesday, GSVH held its Old Fashioned through our Home country. Many thanks to the landowners for their support. This year's field was larger than recent history. Of the 13 starters, 8 were under 21 years!
Green Spring was well represented by very capable junior riders: Daisy Fenwick, Tommy Fenwick, Alex Fulton, Abby Murphy, Alma Nicholson and Hal Westerlund.
In addition to GSVH Juniors, Rising Horsemen Teddy and Scarlet Davies from EHHC were very competitive.
Race viewers were given the rare opportunity to watch 2017 Maryland Hunt Cup winner Derwins Prospector run over GSVH country with his trainer, Joe Davies in the irons. This was an historic training routine for the conditioner.
Fair Hill Point to Point
This weekend many Rising Horsemen are entered in various races at the Fair Hill Point to Point. If you are able to attend, be sure to give each some encouragement. This is a great group of capable young people and the future of our Club.
Many thanks to Amy Fenwick who is the focal point of the Rising Horseman program. Her energy and creativity are endless. The RH program continues to develop top equestrians who will be stewards of the future.



What GSV's Juniors are up to!


Juniors from both the Green Spring Valley Hounds ( "GSVH") and the Rising Horseman ("RH") acquitted themselves well this past weekend at the Fair Hill Point to Point Races in Fair Hill, Maryland on Sunday, April 15, 2018.

Scarlet Davies (RH) had a win in the small pony division of the Junior Field Master Chase.

Her brother Teddy Davies (RH)  had a win in the medium division, and in the large division, Collin Smith (RH), Tommy Fenwick (GSVH, RH), and Theo Sushko (RH,) were first, second, and fourth respectively.

In the horse division, Theo, Colin, and Abby Murphy ( GSVH, RH) were fourth, fifth, and sixth respectively.

Parker Hendriks (RH) was second in the horse division and second in the large pony flat.

Este Stifel (RH, GSVH) made her second start on the flat and was 3rd in the medium division.

Daisy Fenwick (GSVH, RH) rode Out of the Fire for trainer Willie Dowling in the amateur flat.

Full results can be seen at .

The action shifts to Butler, Maryland this coming weekend for the Junior Field Master Chase races at the Grand National, for which entries are available to be viewed on the Central Entry Office website. 



Here are our GSV and Rising Horsemen Juniors to watch out for this year!

GSV Juniors2018



Juniors working on their riding during the winter months.

GSV Juniors 021518

Students -Este Stifel, Harper Johnson, John Daniel and Rush Oster
Instructor - Erin Butler

Pony Camp Art Gallery

Pony Camp teams faced off in an art contest in which they had to color their horse, create a narrative and present it to the group.  Their efforts are below, with "Pants on Fire" the winning entry.

Talented GSV Juniors

Green Spring Juniors acquitted themselves impressively this spring in a variety of venues:

On March 15th, The Foxhall Farm Team Chase was won by the team of Peter, Daisy and Tommy Fenwick, and Daisy prevailed again as the second place finisher, and first Junior, at the following week's Old Fashioned.

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