Talented GSV Juniors

Green Spring Juniors acquitted themselves impressively this spring in a variety of venues:

On March 15th, The Foxhall Farm Team Chase was won by the team of Peter, Daisy and Tommy Fenwick, and Daisy prevailed again as the second place finisher, and first Junior, at the following week's Old Fashioned.

And GSV Juniors were prominent at our Point-to-Point on March 28th:
Small Pony Flat Race (Sec. A)
3rd Sail the Sun Phineas Westerlund
4th Quick Draw Alma Nicholson

Medium Pony Flat Race About 1/4 mile on the turf
2nd Time Flies Abby Murphy

Junior Field Master Chase: Large Pony:
1st Buddy Alma Nicholson

At the GSVH Hunter Pace on April 12th:
Big Course Fast Time:
2nd. Daisy, Tommy and Amy Fenwick

Low Course Junior Optimum Time (2 teams)
1st. Colin Smith
Abby Murphy

2nd. Daisy Fenwick
Tommy Fenwick

Also on April 12th, Chasin for Children--Flat racing at Pimlico
Leadline Trot: 2nd: Este Stifel

Shetland Pony Flat
1st: Phineas Westerlund

Grand National Junior Field Hunter Chases April 18th
Medium Pony Field Master Chase
2nd Bonjour Tommy Fenwick
4th Thyme Flies Abby Murphy

Large Pony Junior Field Hunter Chase
1st. D'artagnan Daisy Fenwick

Thomas L. Macfarlane Memorial Junior Field Hunter Chase--TB Horses
2nd. My Lord Daisy Fenwick

And finally, at the Maryland Junior Hunt Cup, April 26th:

Lead Line Pony Division 1:
1st: Dough Boy, Howdy Colhoun
3rd Hopwoods Winchester, Sam Michel

Shetland Pony Race
1st Sail the Sun Phineas Westerlund
3rd Puck Tommy Fenwick
4th Hopwoods Winchester Abby Murphy

Junior Field Masters Chase--Medium Ponies
2nd. Thyme Flies Abby Murphy
3rd Bonjour Tommy Fenwick

Congratulations to all these talented Juniors!