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Green Spring Valley Hounds & Hunt Club

The Green Spring Valley territory consists of about 35 miles square in Baltimore County and all of Carroll County. The home country and north country are open and rolling with great deal of grass. Some sections lying in between are rough and heavily wooded. Post-rail, coops, and board fences predominate. The east side of the country adjoins Elkridge-Harford Hunt; on the west and northwest side of the country adjoins Howard County Iron-Bridge Hunt and the Frederick county line.

Virginia Foxhound Show

Green Spring Valley Hounds Win Best in Show at  Virginia Foxhound Show 

Overall Champion at Virginia our own Green Spring Valley’s Sapphire with Huntsman Ashley Hubbard!

Coleman Perrin, ex-MFH Deep Run Hunt, judged the best in show.

GSV Saphire 

The morning started off for us with the Dog Hounds, in Cross-Bred Ring #2, for hunts with 35 or more couple in kennel.
Postman was 2nd in the single Dog unentered.
Magnet and Marksman were 3rd in the Couples, unentered.
Jimbo '18 was reserve in the Single Dog, entered.
Lambourne '18 and Native '15 were 3rd in the Couples, entered
Jimbo '18 and Jimmy '18 were 4th in the Couples, entered
Potter '16 was 3rd in the Stallion class and Nomad '14 was 5th.
Monitor '14 was 2nd in the Stallion Hound with three of his Get, and Native was 4th. 


©Karen Kandra

The afternoon started off with a bang:  Sammy Michel won her division (under 13) of the Junior handler class with Sapphire '18, repeating her performance at the Maryland Puppy Show!
Poultice was 4th in the Single Cross-bred Bitch class and Bonita was 5th.
Madeline and Magic won the couples, unentered and Pocket and Poultice were 2nd.
Sapphire '18 won the Single Cross-bred Bitch, Entered  (B.H.Hardaway III, MFH, Perpetual Cup)
Bellmaid and Bendigo '16 were 2nd in the couples, entered, and Jillyand Jitney '18 were 3rd.
Willing '11 was 4th in the Brood Bitch class, and Riches '16 was 5th.

Now it gets exciting:
Sapphire won the Secretary's Perpetual Cup, open to unentered, entered and brood bitch winners of their classes, from both Cross-bred rings.
Sapphire won the Virginia Foxhound Perpetual Cup as the Champion Cross-bred in her ring, besting Hillsboro Gomer, Champion Cross-bred Dog.
And then Sapphire had to go up against the English, American and Penn-Marydel Champions, at the very end of the day.  She showed beautifully and won the William W. Brainard Jr. Perpetual Cup for Grand Champion Foxhound of the Show! 
©Karen Kandra
A little history on Sapphire: she is a draft from the Midland Foxhounds  - Midland Crusher '13 x Midland Shilo '15 (who won the Performance Hound Class in Virginia).  She came up with the Michels when they moved back to GSVH from Midland in the spring of 2017.  She was too small to go right into the kennels, so Tim and the family took care of her until she was ready to join the gang.  Last year was her first year of hunting and she entered well.  She was in season last year and not able to show, but she is a natural showgirl.  She is the first Virginia Grand Champion that GSVH has had since the show has moved to Morven Park from Oatlands and Les Grimes was showing hounds, which is over 25 years ago.    Kudos go to Ashley, Tim and Doug for all their hard work - it was a long, hot day, but well worth sticking around!  Keep an eye on her - she is a lovely hound and just floats across the ground! 

We are looking forward to the Bryn Mawr Show this coming Saturday at the Radnor Hunt Club - Sammy will be going for a Triple Crown in the Junior Division Class, and we are hopeful that all our hounds will do well again.  Please come and watch if you have the time - we will have a picnic lunch, there are good vendors at the show for your shopping pleasure, and we would love to have your support! 

Check out more posts on the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America Facebook page! Facebook page!




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