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Green Spring Valley Hounds & Hunt Club

The Green Spring Valley territory consists of about 35 miles square in Baltimore County and all of Carroll County. The home country and north country are open and rolling with great deal of grass. Some sections lying in between are rough and heavily wooded. Post-rail, coops, and board fences predominate. The east side of the country adjoins Elkridge-Harford Hunt; on the west and northwest side of the country adjoins Howard County Iron-Bridge Hunt and the Frederick county line.


Want to get to know ou hounds better while staying safer at home and support the club?   Introducing Sponsor-a-GSV-Hound! We have a fun and interactive new program: Start by picking a hound (or more) by clicking here!


GSVAdopt BOATMAN 0371    GSVAdopt POSTMAN 0417    GSVAdopt kennel


You'll get:

  • A Personalized Official Adoption Certificate
  • A Fact Sheet and "Your" Hound's Pedigree
  • A frameable photograph of the GSVH pack

Twice a month, from now until cubbing starts, we will email you photos and updates about the on-going hound training, and the personality traits and foibles of "your" hound.

The cost is $100 per month, which can be billed to your GSVH account.

Tell your friends and let’s get all of these hounds sponsored!

Let's show Ashley and his team that out of sight (and off-season) is definitely not "out-of-mind."

To Sponsor-A-Hound
Contact Holly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



  • Thank you from the GSV Point to Point

    Thank you from the GSV Point to Point

    Green Spring Valley Hounds would like to thank each and every sponsor, advertiser, ticket holder, volunteer and fan who not only supported the race but also donated to the club when we had to cancel our 2020 Point to Point.

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  • Bryn Hound Show 2019

    Bryn Hound Show 2019

    Show Season Finale - GSVH had a stellar day at the Bryn Hound Show, winning almost every class we entered.

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  • Virginia Foxhound Show 2019

    Virginia Foxhound Show 2019

    It was a Historic Day for GSVH at the 2019 Virginia Hound Show!

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  • 126th Opening Meet © Douglas Lees

    126th Opening Meet © Douglas Lees

    126th Opening Meet © Douglas Lees

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  • GSV 125th Opening Meeting

    GSV 125th Opening Meeting

    GSV's 125th Opening Meet, History of GSV and Carol Fenwick's photos.

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