Show Season Finale - GSVH had a stellar day at the Bryn Mawr Hound Show, winning almost every class we entered.

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It was a Historic Day for GSVH at the 2019 Virginia Hound Show!

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DSC_0064Strongly made hounds with a great deal of ability to persevere without help are necessary for the country.  This has been accomplished by the judicious crossing of American and English foxhounds.  English ancestry produces speed and drive.  American blood gets excellent nose and strong voice, required in our large woods.  There are generally a total of 50 couple of hounds, of which about 40 couple are entered and 10 couple are puppies.  Green Spring hunts three days per week with an average of 17 couple of hounds and averages 110 hunting days per season.  Therefore each entered hound must hunt an average of more than once a week, requiring great stamina and rapid recuperative ability.  A hound will usually hunt from five to eight seasons.

Did You Know?

Hound Naming:

Did you know? Traditionally puppies are named using the first letter of the bitch’s name and the first vowel of the sire. So Poppy x Sailor might create Pastry, Passel, Parfait and Packer.

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Anne Litz Photos

Check out some photos from our 2017 Puppy Show!