Want to get to know ou hounds better while staying safer at home and support the club?   Introducing Sponsor-a-GSV-Hound! We have a fun and interactive new program: Start by picking a hound (or more) by clicking here!


You'll get:

  • A Personalized Official Adoption Certificate
  • A Fact Sheet and "Your" Hound's Pedigree
  • A frameable photograph of the GSVH pack

Twice a month, from now until cubbing starts, we will email you photos and updates about the on-going hound training, and the personality traits and foibles of "your" hound.

The cost is $100 per month, which can be billed to your GSVH account.

Tell your friends and let’s get all of these hounds sponsored!
Multiple people individually can sponsor a hound!

Let's show Ashley and his team that out of sight (and off-season) is definitely not "out-of-mind."

To Sponsor-A-Hound
Contact Holly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Did You Know?

Hound Naming:

Did you know? Traditionally puppies are named using the first letter of the bitch’s name and the first vowel of the sire. So Poppy x Sailor might create Pastry, Passel, Parfait and Packer.

AL GSVPuppyShow2017 038
Anne Litz Photos

Check out some photos from our 2017 Puppy Show!