Hunting Turnout for Juniors

Note: Different hunts have differing standards of turnout for Juniors. The attire described below is the correct turnout for Green Spring


Rule # 1. Tack and Clothing should be well fitting, spotlessly clean and neat.
Rule # 2. If you have any questions, check with a member of the hunt to learn what is appropriate and expected.

Juniors should be turned out in "ratcatcher" (informal attire) until they are over the age of 16. After 16, adult rules of turnout apply.

  • Jacket: Tweed or twill in a muted, subdued color. (Black is not correct for juniors.)
  • Pants: Jodhpurs with gaiters
  • Boots: Paddock boots (brown)
  • Shirt: Button-down Oxford cloth (if wearing a tie); turtle neck or riding shirt if wearing a stock.
  • Tie or stock (if wearing a stock tie with ratcatcher it should be colored—never white--and should be fastened with a plain gold safety pin.)
  • Gloves: black, brown or tan string are all appropriate.
  • Helmet: Black, with safety harness. If there is a ribbon at the back, the ribbons should be pointed UP.
  • Hair should be neatly contained—in a braid, or preferably, a hair net.
  • Goggles or other protective eyewear are acceptable if needed but should be worn over eyes and not on helmet.

In addition to the turnout described above, ALL members—junior or not-- should use white saddle pads and plain black or white boots on their mounts. Colored boots, browbands and saddle pads are not appropriate.

Adult Attire