GSVH Juniors & Rising Horsemen Newsletter
 May 2018

The first weekend in May was a busy one for our GSVH  juniors and the Rising Horsemen.

Finn Westerlund (GSVH, RH) was Champion at the always competitive St. James Horse Show in Monkton. Brother Hal Westerlund (GSVH, RH), was competing in a United States Pentathlon Association meet at Mint Meadows. Hal won his division and qualified for the United States Pentathlon Association's National Championships in Austin, Texas in June. Pentathlon requires participation in 5 areas - riding, running, swimming, shooting and fencing.

FinWesterlund    HallWesterlund


On Saturday, Howard County offered another day of racing for juniors, rounding out the Maryland Steeplechase Association’s Field Master Chase action for the season.

 For the 3rd consecutive week, Scarlet Davies (RH) won the small pony division on Hickory. Abby Murphy (GSVH, RH) aboard Gerry  Brewster’s Roger That won the Mediums.

ScarletDavies                       AbbyMurphy

Colin Smith(RH) took the Larges on Balls To The Wall with Theo Shushko (RH) second on Bailey.


A horse division was added this year for the first time and Theo Shushko (RH) was second in that as well on his own Rocky’s Affair.

That locks up the MSA leading rider title for Scarlet in the Smalls and Abby in the Mediums and moves them both into a tie for second as Overall Leading Pony Rider.  Colin leads the large division with 24 points, followed by Tommy and Theo who are tied for 2nd with 9 points.  Colin moves into first for Overall Leading Pony Rider. Pointed action will end with Potomac flat pony racing in 2 weeks.

Over the weekend Teddy Davies(RH) and Tommy Fenwick(GSVH, RH) represented the United States while riding in a pony steeplechase at La Course Aux Clochers, a point to point in Chateau Gontier, France. The opportunity was organized by native Frenchmen and 2017 Maryland Hunt Cup winner Gonzague Cointreau (he rode Gerry Brewster’s and Adair Stifle’s Derwin’s Prospector to the win).


.   Beauregard .  Beauregard.2

Both rode and jumped great over a fun and challenging course of brush, banks and ditches with Tommy finishing 3rd and Teddy 6th against a very seasoned group of young international jockeys. Daisy Fenwick (GSVH, RH) joined the boys on the trip and all 3 rode out with French trainer Donatien Beauregard.

juniors1 .   juniors2

Fox hunting and hounds

GSVH Juniors/RH participate in successful Maryland Hound Show:

The Kennel Staff was joined by two Juniors who helped throughout the day. In addition to providing an extra hand when needed these two young ladies successfully participated. Congratulations to:

Alma Nicholson and Lapwing for their 6th place in Unentered Crossbred Bitch class.

Sammy Michel and Landlord for their 6th place in the Junior Handling class

There are two more Hound shows coming up:

May 27 - Virginia Hound Show

June 2 - Bryn Mawr Hound Show

If any juniors are interested in showing hounds or would like to help at the shows contact Ashley Hubbard.

Please come and support your hounds.