Green Spring Hounds Pony Club News

Part of the recently-completed Long Range Plan for GSVHC includes strengthening the long-time bond between the hunt club and its namesake Pony Club. Following is a recap of the Pony Club Spring activities:

GHSPC won 2nd place in the Live Oak Hounds-USPC Foxhunting Challenge. This award is made possible through the generous support of Mr. and Mrs. C. Martin Wood III, Joint Masters of the Live Oak Hounds in Monticello, Florida, and Past Presidents of the MFHA. The Award is designed to encourage Pony Club members who do not regularly hunt to try the sport, and to reward those members who do hunt on a regular basis and act as mentors to the younger and less-experienced Pony Club members. Awards go to six Pony Clubs who regularly take the greatest percentage (based on total number of members) of active Pony Club members hunting. While Old Dominion won first place, GSHPC had 17 out of 19 members go hunting at least three times last season!

At the Showjumping Rally- Alma Nicholson and Phin Westerlund each had several clear rounds on a team with Taylor Brinsfield and Will Frasier, Rachel Langlois as Stable Manager.
At the recently concluded Tetrathlon at Shawan Downs:
Tommy Fenwick- 1st Novice Boys and overall high point scorer in the qualifying division
Will Frasier- 2nd in Intermediate Boys
Hannah O'Brien- 1st in Intermediate Girls
Hal Westerlund- 1st in Pre-novice Boys
Sophie O'Brien- 1st in 10 & under Girls and 1st overall high point scorer for the non-qualifying division
Claudia Engel- 3rd in 10 & under Girls
Alma Nicholson- great ribbons in her division
Phin Westerlund- great ribbons in his division