DSC 0090Visitors 

Individuals interested in hunting as a guest must contact one of the Joint-Masters or the Hunt Secretary no later than the night before the hunt.

  • Capping fees are $200 for weekdays and $250 for Saturdays and holidays.
  • During the cub hunting season, the capping fee is $75 in September, $100 in October.
  • The fee must be paid at the meet to the Hunt Secretary or, if absent, to a Joint-Master.
  • A guest is permitted to hunt on a capping fee basis only three times per season.
  • On Thanksgiving and Christmas, families of members are permitted to hunt without paying capping fees.

Any person hunting with Green Spring Valley Hounds must sign a liability release and waiver form. Forms are available through the link below or from the Hunt Secretary or a Joint-Master at the meet.

Please bring your release and your capping fee in an envelope with your name, address, and telephone number.